About me

Freelance videographer located in Estonia.

It all started with a hobby and ended up becoming a freelance. I’ve always been a car guy and I decided to make videos of them. First I filmed American car events and soon I was asked to join a drifting team by my good friend Erik and thats where this hobby got even bigger. After learning about different aspects of video production and expanding my equipment, I started to offer wider range of video services such as weddings, corporate events and different aftermovies. Now I’m a fulltime freelance videographer.

If you would like to hire a videographer for a video shoot, make sure you contact me!


Event aftermovie

Full service of filming and editing an aftermovie

Social Media Video Content

Video content is currently one of the most popular and growing way to connect with people on social media.

Camera operator/Steadycam operator

Camera operator for event or video shoot. Years of experience with steadycam to make smooth and dynamic shots.

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