Event video, aftermovie

Hire a videographer to film your event! Event video (Aftermovie) is a good way to capture your memories or to promote upcoming events.

• Corporate event videos, conferences
• Sport events
• Concerts, parties
• Opening ceremonies
• Wedding videos
• Birthday events

For price range please write me an email siimpariis(at) Please add some info about events date, schedule and approximate time which is needed to capture. If possible, please add your approximate budget for production.

Cars, racing, motorsport, car shows

If you are organizing an automotive event or you own a motorsport team, I can offer you a different kinds of video services to promote your exposure in media. I have experience in drifting videography and filming cars in general. I have huge interest in cars and I would love to capture your cars or car events. It can also be any kind of vehicles, such as heavy industrial vehicles, forest equipment, ATV’s and more

I can offer:
•  Event aftermovies – Car racing, motorsport, car shows, car release events etc
•  Interviews, racing team overview videos.
•  Small advertising clips, car sales videos, or just some review video of your hobby cars!
•  Car dealership videos

Social Media content. Promotions. Advertising. Interviews.

Video content is one of the most successful ways to deliver information in social media.
•  Call to action videos, Trailers, Event promotional videos
•  Interviews, Testimonials
•  Recruitment videos
•  Short commercials, profile videos
•  Real estate videos

Behind the scenes videos

I can capture your music video or movie set behind the scenes activities to short video.

Videographer. Camera operator. Editing

Camera operator with Sony a7s MK2
You could hire me:
• Videographer or extra camera for your video production or event capturing. Examples of collabs here
• Steadycam + Gimbal operator
• Assistant in video production
• Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

See more examples in my portfolio